Welcome to the Web Portal for Woodholme Park. If you are a visitor to someone at any of our fifty-eight properties in our Association, you can use the DIRECTIONS link to find us.


Woodholme Owners

Use the MYCONDOLOGIN box on this page to access our private condominium website.

SIGN-IN:  Your personal UNIT ID is a combination of both your house address number and one of the 3-digit codes below for your street.

DRD=Delacourt Road
    WPL=Woodholme Place
    WCL=Woodholme Close
   WCT=Woodholme Court
(e.g. 312WCT is ID for 312 Woodholme Court).


If you forgot your confidential logon Password (or are visiting for the first time), click [ HERE ] to create your Password and gain access to the site.

Woodholme Park