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When you talk to successful members of a Condo Association's Board of Directors (and their Unit Owners) and ask them about what makes them successful, you tend to get one over-riding response:
"Communicate, Communicate, COMMUNICATE!"


That's why a website portal for your Association is so great. Making communications easy from Board Members to their Unit Owners can ensure that your Association runs smoothly and Owners feel they understand what is going on within their Association.


Your PROPERTY MANAGER can also easily contribute to your web portal, making it a clearing house for all the Association's communications needs.


Key Benefits To A Website Portal For Everyone In Your Condominium Association


  • Provide all Unit Owners with a private, secure site where they can be confident that their privacy is being protected
  • Easily post important documents in owner-only file libraries for self-serve Unit Owner retrieval
  • Access a private area for Board and Property Managbers only, to streamline Board operations and meetings
  • Create a larger sense of community by sharing Unit Owner directory information (with each Unit Owner able to set what level of information they choose to share)
  • Quickly update NEWS and other content right on the site - no web programming required!
  • Easily change site information as Unit Owners and Board Members change
  • Quickly manage Unit Owner's passwords and monitor who has logged in or not
  • Create on-the-fly email lists from the Unit Owner directory
  • Help to ensure quorum is established at meetings by posting "proxy forms" for easy retrieval and sending "reminders" to Unit Owners about up-coming events and meetings
  • Quickly get new Unit Owners up-to-speed as they move in by sharing news, current (and past) Newsletters, referring to common "Frequently Asked Questions" and allow them to set their Personal Profile information
  • Quickly give a new Board Member administrative access to the site so they can "pick up" where the departing Board Member left off. You can also quickly REMOVE administrative access for any former Board Member who is no longer on the Board


  • Coordinate Unit Owner directory information with the Board
  • Need to track owner vehicles, pets, boats, storage lockers, etc? Owners can self-register these items on their profile!
  • Contribute to timely NEWS and document postings with the Board
  • Manage the setup and tabulation for online VOTING for Board elections or owner votes
  • Easily create online WORK ORDERS with easy-to-use dialogs with each owner (optional)
  • Quickly create ONLINE BOOKINGS for shared resources (party rooms, pools, etc)
  • Ensure all Association documents are up-to-date - without worrying that Unit Owners may have "old copies" of rules in their files
  • Look up Unit Owner contact information that the Owners maintain themselves!


  • No more need to worry about saving documents and forms - just go to the website and get the CURRENT version anytime you need it!
  • Self-serve pages and file libraries for document retrieval, forms access, telephone and email changes, and finding contact information for your Board and Property Manager
  • Posting of a public "Directions" page can make it easy for you to show visitors where you live (and where they should park)
  • If a Unit Owner becomes a Board Member at some point, all the key documents they need to maintain are already available electronically!